frequently asked questions:

What Does CBI Stand For?

CBI stands for Confidential Business Intermediaries.  We confidentially act as a link between business sellers, buyers, financial advisors, and attorneys during a business sale/acquisition.

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What is a business broker?

As business brokers, our goal is to make buying or selling a business as smooth as possible for both the seller and the buyer.  We walk alongside our clients from the very beginning stages of the negotiations, to the disclosures and due diligence, all the way through the closing.

For sellers, we will evaluate the market, determine who is ready to buy, and gauge who is best suited to run a business like yours.  We will attract and vet buyers so you can spend your valuable time and energy continuing to build business so we can sell it at the highest possible price.

For buyers, we can show you a list of available businesses on the market or customize a business search around your goals with our proprietary TAP program.

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What Services Do You Offer?

Selling:  We can help you sell your existing business including real estate, FF&E, inventory, and goodwill when it is time to retire or just move to the next chapter in your life.  

Buying:  We can help you become a business owner by buying one of the existing businesses we have listed or locating a business more suited to your needs through our TAP program.  

Target Acquisition Program:  If you are interested in buying an existing business other than the ones we currently have listed, we can help you find what you are looking for through our TAP program.

Valuation:  We can help you determine the value of your business both before and when the time comes to sell.  There are many reasons that a valuation is beneficial even if you aren’t thinking about selling right now. 

Financing:  Advantageous to both the buyer and the seller, we have two financing services available to buyers called Loans4Biz and BORSA.

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I am interested in selling my business, or will be one day. How do I get started with you?

Contact our managing partner, Mark Kincannon, to set up a confidential informational meeting where Mark will walk you through each stage of the selling process.  He will answer all of your questions and provide you with a detailed road map on how to prepare your business for the sale.

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How do I know what my business is worth and if it can be sold?

Understanding how to value a business is an important part of being a business owner. Surprisingly, many people can tell you the value of their home, car, or motorcycle, but they are unsure when it comes to their company value. Helping business owners determine the value of their business is essential at the time of transition, but it can also help with short term and long term growth plans.  Our process helps us determine the worth and salability of your business.

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What types of businesses do you sell?

We sell everything from medical/dental practices to furniture stores and HVAC companies to restaurants.  We have had a large variety of clients from both Main Street businesses and the larger M & A transactions.  We are happy to meet with you to confidentially discuss the potential selling of your business.

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If I am interested in buying an existing business rather than starting from scratch, what do I do?

We have a variety of businesses currently listed for sale.  You can view our current listings here. 

Contact our managing partner, Mark Kincannon, to learn more about one of these businesses or to set up a confidential meeting to help you begin to navigate the buying process.

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I didn't know your services existed. Who might use your services?

For Sellers:  Many business owners are under the impression that when they are ready to retire they must shut down their business and liquidate their assets.  If you own your own business and are ready to retire or just move on to the next chapter of your life, we can help you confidentially sell the business (i.e. FF&E, real estate, good will, etc.) at the highest possible price.  

For Buyers: If you have ever wanted to own your own business, we can help you make that happen either with one of our current listings or by using our TAP (Target Acquisition Program) where we can locate the business that is right for you.

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Why should I choose CBI Team Fort Smith-River Valley?

Our intermediaries (brokers) are trained to the highest professional standards and have over 20 years of experience helping people sell and buy businesses.  We have unique tools and processes with a national reach, and our team offers extensive knowledge of the current local market to make selling or buying a business as smooth as possible.  We are the only truly local business brokers in the River Valley region which allows us to walk daily alongside you through the selling or buying process.

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What are your fees?

Our fees vary depending on the situation, but we try to keep things as simple as possible.  Contact our managing partner, Mark Kincannon, for more information about your specific selling or buying needs and the associated fees.

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How long does it take to sell a business?

We have sold businesses in under a month and others have taken years.  The average time for a typical business to sell is between nine and eighteen months depending on various factors.

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How much money do I need to put down to be able to buy a business? Can you help with financing?

While every deal is different, generally speaking a buyer will need to put down at least 10% of the purchase price.  Every lender has different requirements (i.e. a conventional loan will usually require 20% down, an SBA loan 10%, and seller financing a different amount.)

Additionally, we have two services available to help you finance your business acquisition:

Loans4Biz is our proprietary program that includes nearly 100 qualified lenders that specialize in loaning money to businesses.

BORSA (Business Owners Retirement Savings Account)--CBI Team Fort Smith-River Valley has formed a strategic alliance with a company that has developed a way to legally move money locked in 401(k) or other IRA accounts directly into a new or established businesses without distributions, taxes, penalties or the use of loans. The money may be used for business acquisitions, franchises, property, equipment or working capital.  

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What is the difference between "goodwill" and "blue sky"?

Goodwill is the historic cash flow, success, and reputation of the business (i.e. intangible assets), and every seller should expect to be paid for the goodwill of their business.

Blue sky is the potential of the business. 

Buyers are willing to pay for goodwill but are not willing to pay for blue sky.  Thus, the blue sky (potential) of your business does not typically have value. 

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