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Confidential Auction Program

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CAP (Confidential Auction Program) is a proprietary, industry-leading approach to help business owners sell their businesses for the most amount of money and the most attractive terms by soliciting buyers from a pre-screened local, national and international network of interested and motivated prospects.

CAP uses a tested and proven process to encourage buyers to submit offers based on their valuation of the business which may be higher than the seller has calculated the value to be.

The buyer is encouraged to submit a bid to purchase the business by a date certain set and controlled by the seller and CBI Team Fort Smith-River Valley.

  • Multiple bids are always the goal of CAP.
  • Buyers are unaware of the reserve price, therefore making their bids based on the value they perceive.
  • Buyers are unaware of how many bidders there are, sometimes resulting in buyers competing against themselves due to the confidential business auction process.
  • Buyers competing means more value/cash for the seller.

The Confidential Auction Program (CAP) is designed to accomplish the following:

  • Market the business through non-traditional channels including the internet for global reach.
  • Leverage traditional sales including direct mail, telemarketing, and special interest groups.
  • Maximize the sale price through “auction excitement”.
  • Conduct a date certain limited auction.

CAP is a “Limited Auction”…meaning:

  • Owner may establish an undisclosed “reserve” price. If CAP does not achieve that minimum price then the business does not sell.
  • In order to verify the reasonableness of the reserve price, CBI Team Fort Smith-River Valley may require an independent, certified, third party business valuation. CBI Team Fort Smith-River-Valley has preferred vendors to provide this service for a fee to the business owner.
  • Owner may obtain multiple bids which then can be leveraged by continuing the auction with others who have submitted bids.

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