BEST OF 2017



As we wrap up the year here at CBI Team Fort Smith-River Valley, we're looking back at some of our favorite blogs, success stories, and business opportunities. 


1.  SOLD!  CBI Team Fort Smith-River Valley had the privilege of brokering the sale of four diverse businesses in 2017.  Learn more about the sales of a restaurantfurniture store, electrical service company, and home monitoring business.


 2.  BUSINESS & ECONOMY Our managing partner, Mark Kincannon, highlighted the ins and outs of family business succession and how to make your 401k work for you.   One of our business intermediaries, Isaac Davis, wrote about what he learned growing up in Ghana and how that correlates with the current Fort Smith-River Valley economy. 


3.  CLIENT RECOMMENDATION A recent client wrote about why he chose CBI Team Fort Smith-River Valley when it came time to sell his business. 


4.  COMMUNITY INFLUENCERS We began a new blog series called "Community Influencers" where we feature people making a difference in the Fort Smith-River Valley community through leadership, entrepreneurship, and business.  Read about Jenny and Renee, and look for more of our featured community influencers in 2018. 


5.  BUSINESS OWNERSHIP Do you own a business?  Here are two must-read blogs about the importance of knowing how much your business is worth and looking ahead for the new year.


Take a look at some of the businesses we listed and are still available:









We are looking forward to what 2018 has in store.  We are here to serve you and any of your selling, buying, or valuation needs for the new year.