SOLD! Walton Boulevard Dental

Dr. Kendall Roberts, DDS has been practicing dentistry for over 30 years with offices in Northwest Arkansas and the River Valley. After many successful years in his Northwest Arkansas practice, Walton Boulevard Dental, Dr. Roberts decided it was time to narrow his focus to his practice in Fort Smith and sell Walton Boulevard Dental. Knowing the success CBI Team Fort Smith-River Valley has had with selling dental practices, Dr. Roberts sought out owner Mark Kincannon and broker Isaac Davis to help manage the sale.

Because of the success of the practice and the growth of Northwest Arkansas, Walton Boulevard Dental attracted many buyers and received multiple offers from across the country. CBI’s broker Isaac Davis was able to narrow down the buyers using our tried and true process, with Oklahoma-based Spring Dental ultimately deciding to purchase Dr. Roberts’ practice and expand into Arkansas. Davis not only worked with the buyer and the seller, but he was also able to help the new buyer and the landlord agree on terms for a new lease that worked for both parties.

For Roberts, selling something he had worked hard to build up wasn’t easy, but he was loyal to the process and was quoted as saying to CBI brokers Davis and Kincannon, "I couldn’t have done it without ya’ll.”

The buyers with Spring Dental were just as complimentary, pointing out: “We’ve bought many practices and worked with brokers that didn’t do anything. Isaac has gone above and beyond what we’ve worked with previously.”

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