SOLD! Juan's Mexican Restaurant

Mark Kincannon met Franklin Carter via a phone call in 2015.  Two years later and ready for retirement, Franklin remembered that conversation when he decided he was ready to sell Juan's Mexican Restaurant, the business he'd owned for 30+ years.

Franklin engaged the CBI Team Fort Smith-River Valley, Juan's was listed in May and by July Mark and Intermediary Isaac Davis had found the buyer.  Entrepreneur and small business owner Will Anderson was introduced to this listing via an "Opportunity of the Week" presented on Social Media.  Will was immediately interested in acquiring Juan's as a new investment and was able to utilize our proprietary Loans for Business (L4B) financing program to ensure he found the best available financing option.

Business intermediary Isaac Davis facilitated the sale, managing the negotiations, due diligence, and closing.

CBI Team Fort Smith-River Valley is happy to assist both the seller and buyer in accomplishing their goals.

Will mentioned that he appreciated CBI Fort Smith-River Valley helping him accomplish his investment goals and that everything went great from his perspective.  He also mentioned that he would appreciate us bringing additional opportunities to him for evaluation.   

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