“Chase the vision, not the money..."

“Chase the vision, not the money; the money will end up following you.” —Tony Hsieh, Zappos CEO

People dream of owning their own business for a number of different reasons:  they want to control their own destiny, they are tired of working for someone else, they feel like they are hitting their head on the proverbial glass ceiling, or they feel boxed in because of a boss that won't take risks. Some have a desire to lead people and build great cultures.  Others want to have more control of their time.  

But the number one reason we hear from clients wanting to own their own business is,


"I want to make a lot of money."  


While there is nothing wrong with making a lot of money in and of itself, when money is the number one goal, it is usually difficult to achieve.  The best businesses are those that are built with a vision greater than just making money.  And the most satisfying businesses not only provide financially, but also impact their communities in a positive way.   

Over twenty years ago, a man retired from a successful career. He was too young to retire completely, and his wife encouraged him to find a hobby.  He decided to start a little business that would meet a need in his community.  He recognized a need, had a vision for meeting that need, developed a solution, and launched a business.  

Twenty years later, that man was ready to fully retire, and his little business had become the largest business in the industry in Arkansas.  He never dreamed he'd make as much money as he did over the years with this business, but he considered himself fortunate to not only have built a successful business, but to also have made a difference in his community.  The CBI Team Fort Smith River Valley was fortunate enough to assist this man in selling his business.  

In this case, as Zappos CEO Toney Hsieh stated, the money did follow.

-Mark Kincannon