Loans For Business (L4B) (Loans4Biz)


When searching for loans for a business, there is small chance of attaining it through your bank or a traditional bank. Loans4Biz has over 75 qualified lenders that specialize in loaning money to businesses. They understand business and can offer you loans on terms that work for you and your business.

CBI Team’s Loans4Biz program offers loans for: Business Acquisitions, Business Refinance, and Business Start-Ups.

Loans4Biz is designed to make the lending process quicker and more efficient. This program helps buyers obtain third party lending and also keeps buyers from hearing anything but “yes” from lenders who want to do their lending.

Loans4Biz is a unique service offered to buyers with the motto, “when lenders compete sellers and buyers win.” Below are some of the advantages for sellers and buyers when using the Loans4Biz program.


  • You will have our support in preparing your loan application
  • You will receive multiple offers from which to choose
  • You can submit your own lender if they’d like to participate
  • You will have our support as you evaluate multiple offers for the best interest rates and terms


  • You will receive more cash upfront from your buyer
  • The delay in the process of underwriting, review, and approval is diminished by weeks
  • Elimination of contingencies waiting for deal funding
  • All financial information and disclosures are centralized through our process

For more information about the program please call or email Mark Kincannon at 479.784.9522 or

Confidential Auction Program (CAP)


CAP (Confidential Auction Program) is a proprietary, industry-leading approach to help business owners sell their businesses for the most amount of money and the most attractive terms by soliciting buyers from a pre-screened local, national, and international network of interested and motivated prospects.

CAP uses a tested and proven process to encourage buyers to submit offers based on their valuation of the business which may be higher than the seller has calculated the value to be.

For more information about the program please call or email Mark Kincannon at 479.784.9522 or

Target Acquisition Program (TAP)


Because the business you really want to buy is not for sale, the Target Acquisition Program (TAP) is the best way for you to buy just the right business for the least amount of money and on the best terms in the shortest amount of time.  This program is built on the CBI Team’s 20+ years of experience. The Target Acquisition Program gives YOU, the buyer, important advantages in locating and acquiring the business under the best possible terms for your particular situation.  Through this process we partner with you to gather all the necessary information so that we can work to find you the right business to acquire.

The Advantages Of Buying An Existing Business Include:

  • Immediate cash flow from an operating business with actual results from operations
  • Trained employees are already in place to ensure continuity of service
  • Existing licenses and permits, and in many cases, operating leases can be assumed
  • Operations training by the seller ensure a smooth transition
  • The availability of owner financing can significantly reduce the out-of-pocket expense to acquire a new business

The Advantages of Buying a Business Through CBI Team include:

  • The CBI Team has a global marketplace to search for your “ideal” business, either in your backyard, or the location of your choosing
  • The CBI Team professionals have assisted more than 700 buyers in locating their desired business for financial independence and are ready and willing to help you reach your goal
  • The CBI Team will assist you in obtaining the most advantageous financing for your particular situation

For more information about the program please call or email Mark Kincannon at 479.784.9522 or